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Welcome to my blog. This has been a long term goal. I was looking for a way to be able to combine three of my passions: real estate, planning and coffee. I think I finally did it. So, I will go for this blogging thing.

In this blog post I want to explain a little bit how I intend this blog to work. Whether it serves helps improve my SEO or not!

Who Am I?

Let me start by making a small introduction about myself. My name is Daniel Rodríguez, well it my name is actually José Daniel Rodríguez Vivas (yes, latinos have a thing for large names, and mine is not as long as others I know), but for language usability and to make sure your computer does not display funny characters we will keep it at Daniel Rodriguez.

Real estate agent blogging about Costa Rica and more.
Just so you know, I do not wear does glasses, nor that haircut, but you can try to guess how old is that picture. Hint, I still have that shirt!

I was born and raised in Costa Rica. Most of my childhood I spent it in Tilaran, Guanacaste. So for me playing in coffee plantations, farms, parcels, rivers and lakes, was a normal part of life. No, back then we never thought about snakes, although there were tons, and deadly ones by the way.

At age 15, my parents were now living in Bagaces, Guanacaste, but I left home to go to live in Heredia looking for a better education and to learn English. I graduated highschool when I was 19 and moved to Siloam Springs, a small town in Arkansa, USA to became a student at John Brown University as a Walton International Scholar. There I majored in International Business with a Marketing Concentration back in 2005.

After college, I moved back to Costa Rica and worked for several companies. I had my first experience in real estate back in 2007, where I stayed with Coldwell Banker until 2012. Different situations had me go in another route, but that real estate thing always stayed within me. In 2020, February, I decided to launch Deal Real Estate. Little did I know, COVID19 was coming to change the world as we know it, but instead of giving up my dream project, I am taking the necessary time to improve this idea and make it become a reality.

So, what is this blog all about?

I cannot explain the passion I have for blogging and the Internet. One thing I hate though is the fact that most blogging is done thinking in SEO and rankings. So, if you are going to blog about real estate, stick to it. If you are blogging about marketing or business stick to it. Coffee? Stick to the topic.

Well, that is not my style. I want to be able to blog about what I like and what I care about. Who knows, maybe you want to read about coffee, but you will see a nice Costa Rica house and start wanting to travel or invest here. Or maybe you are looking for real estate, but will come across this blog and will find some business, planning or organizational tips for your business.

What would I be blogging about?

I will be blogging about: 1) real estate, 2) Costa Rica, 3) technology and how to use different tools in your business, 4) planning and organizing your day to day, and 5) coffee. Yes, coffee, when you zip down 4 to 5 large coffee cups a day, excuse me, 4 to 5 Costa Rican coffee cups a day, you got something to say about coffee.

So, welcome to my blog. Suscribe to it, as I am sure you are going to enjoy it. By the way, don´t forget to check our social media links up on top to see beautiful Costa Rica properties and bookmark this site, so you can always come back to it on a regular basis. Finally, you can leave a comment below to get the conversation going, or tip me off some ideas of what you would like to read about.

See you on the web!

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