Why Do We Want You To Work With Us?

April 2 the 2021

Hello! How are you guys? Welcome to our channel, or podcast, or blog...wherever it is you are connecting with us: Welcome and thank you. My name is Daniel, and I am the owner and founder of Deal Costa Rica, your number one option for Costa Rica real estate. Today I want to ask a question and see who will guess the answer. Here we go:

Why do I want you to work with Deal Costa Rica?

Can you guess? Come on, give it a try!

Probably anybody’s answer will be, “well...because you want to make a commission.” Commissions are important in real estate, that is how we make money. But no, that is not the reason why I want you to work with us.

Wait, what? Yes, that is not the reason I want you to work with us. There are many people out there doing real estate, especially in Costa Rica. You have many options to choose from, but I want you to choose Deal Real Estate. 

I want you to choose Deal Costa Rica because of our company values and what we can offer to you. We believe in relationships. There are 5 principles or values that have strongly marked my life and I am bringing those values to my company. I strongly believe in sharing, perseverance, discipline, integrity and trust. And that is exactly how we are going to treat you as a client, as a provider and as a friend, because we also believe real estate relationships should be a long term thing and not a one commission deal.

But wait, is in there a lot of professional real estate agents in Costa Rica?

Yes, there are. However, none of them do real estate as we do, just as we don’t do real estate the way they do. Don´t get me wrong, each of us has a different style and that is ok, it gives you more options to choose from. So why don’t you hang out with us a little bit longer and then decide if you want to choose us for your next real estate transaction in Costa Rica.

As I told you a bit ago, we believe in sharing, perseverance, discipline, integrity and trust. Let me tell you how we fit all of that into our business.

Our first corporate value or principle is share. A while ago a boss I had told me “Daniel half of something is better than full of nothing”, and oh men, that phrase just stuck inside my head. He was right; 50% of any deal is better than 100% of no deal. So, for example, when you list your property with us, we are going to share the information of that listing with many other real estate agents we know to see if they have a client who could possibly buy your property.

However, sharing is not just something we put into practice when it comes to transactions and business. We highly value sharing knowledge. Our goal is to help people who are unemployed, kids who have no idea of what to do with their future, and entrepreneurs who might not have money to start with their dream. We want to teach people how to do a successful business using what they are good at. In the end, that is much more gratifying than just focusing on business.

Then, comes perseverance. We promise you to work hard for you. We are going to help you find that rental, buy or sale the property you want. Also, we understand that if you are making a decision to invest in real estate is because it is important to you, so it becomes important for us as well. We want you to know that you have an open channel of communication with us, whether that is email, phone, messenger or Whatsapp, we will always be available to let you know what we are doing on behalf of you and your real estate search.

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Discipline? Well, I believe that in order to be successful you have to have discipline in your life, and that of course includes business. So, be sure we will be as disciplined as needed to make sure we deliver the results you expect.

One of the bigger ones and most important to me is integrity. Let me tell you right from the start. I am a Christian and as such, my life is guided by the Bible. I believe in it and I work hard to stick to it. The bible teaches me I need to be a man of integrity. And that one is specially important in business. I want Deal Costa Rica to be known as a company where we work with integrity. Where you will feel secure because your information is safe guarded. We are never going to lie for you nor to you. We will speak up front and with the truth. You can be certain that, we will be honest in our dealings with you always, and we expect the same honesty back.

Finally, but not less important comes trust. Relationships are based on trust. If I was just looking for a one time commission, I will not create a brand that has my family name on it (yes, it does, I will tell you in a minute). I am looking for relationships. I want you to trust that we are going to have your best interest in mind. And let me tell you a little story of something that happened recently. 

I had this beautiful house for sale. It was a very good commission by the way, and I mean good. From the very moment I came to list the house, I could sense the owner did not wanted to sale because it was the house of her dreams, but she had to. I listed the house, posted the house and started promoting.

We got a client. Showed the house and I was just waiting for THE PHONE CALL. The owner called. She said “Daniel, I am not selling my house any more. Something worked out. I do not have to sale.” My honest answer was,"Great, I am so happy for you. I know how much that house means to you and I am glad you get to keep it." That came as a surprise to her, because her reaction was “wow, thank you, that is very nice for you to say”.

You know why I did it, because I want you to get what you want, even if that means I do not close a deal. For us, people is our best asset and we want you to trust we will work under that umbrella.

But Daniel, your company name is DEAL Costa Rica, why did you say it has your family name on it?

Oh yeah, I guess I have to clear that one out before I let you go. Each letter in DEAL, stands for a letter on the names of my two girls, my wife and I. I created this for them, so what a better way to honor them than to properly represent our family values and tradition when we do business.

Well, you know what, I am not looking to invest in real estate in Costa Rica, so this is not for me.

May be, but this is for you. We want to connect with you. May be you are not looking to invest in Costa Rica, but you know someone that needs housing or is looking to invest or sale. If so, pass on this to them. Let them know us and give us an opportunity to show you or them why DEAL Costa Rica is the best option for your Costa Rica real estate transaction.

We will love to connect with you guys. Find us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube. Let's this be the beginning of a life-long relationship!

Have a good one guys, and as we say in Costa Rica. Pura vida!

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