Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Costa Rica Now.

Abril 2 de 2021

2020 was a year like nothing else most of us have seen in our lifetime. The world as we knew it, changed completely and most countries were badly hit. Airplanes were grounded for months at a time, tourism travel was pretty much cancelled all over the world. Almost all countries implemented quarantines, in some only for weeks, but in others for months; some countries had partial ones, while others had full lock downs. Despite all of that, real estate is always a great investment option if you do it smartly. Should you invest in Costa Rica?

invest in costa rica real estate
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Today, we want to share with you three reasons why you should consider buying property in Costa Rica. Yes, we have much more than 3, but we want you to keep coming to us for more reason. So, right now we are just going to give you three.

Reason 1: Costa Rica´s biodiversity

Costa Rica is only 51,100 km2 (aprox. 19,730 sq. miles). That is just 0.03% of planet Earth´s surface; very small right? Well, this small piece of land contains nearly 6% of the world’s biodiversity. Some of the factors that make that possible are: 1) it’s strategic location, which has served as a natural corridor for countless species migrating from north to south, and vice versa.

Also, it has a large coastal area; 140-miles of coastline along the Caribbean Ocean and 685 miles of coastline along the Pacific Ocean. There is a large mountain range crossing almost the whole country along the middle, which provides several microclimates, which area ideal for the development of several different species. It’s marine diversity is also very rich because of its 227,028 square miles of territorial sea.

National parks and protected areas account for 3,316 acres, that is an amazing 25.6% of it total territory. Well, that is a lot of the technical factors every article speaking about Costa Rica’s biodiveristy should include. Now, I am going to tell you my point of view on this one, after all, what do you prefer to read: what you could find on any other website or watch in another video, or the perspective of a Costa Rican who simply loves this country?

One of the aspects that still amazes me of Costa Rica is the fact that you can change from climate or landscape in just a few hours or sometime even in less than an hour. Wait, what do you mean? Well, you can be at a rainforest, with lots of clouds and rain like Monteverde, and about 60 minutes later you could be on a sunny beach overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Puntarenas or Caldera. You could be in a majestic waterfall in Llanos del Cortes in Bagaces with a temperature of 95°F and a dry forest and 30 minutes later you could be at the Miravalles Volcano, with a cooler weather of aprox. 77°F, moderate rains and enjoying natural hot spring pools.

You could be in San Jose, entangled in traffic, city life and a busy business week, and, in a matter of 20 minutes enjoy a mountain chalet in the Heredia mountains. Or if you prefer the beach you can take an hour drive, well 1.5 hours with traffic to Jaco in the Pacific or 4 hours to the beautiful and exotic Caribbean. Now, any of the rides to these locations will be full of beautiful and exotic nature, wild animals and even monkeys.

All of the above, offer great potential to develop businesses related to tourism, whether it is ecotourism, luxury tourism, adventure tourism and much more. So here you have it, your number one reason to invest in Costa Rica is, its biodiversity.

But you know which is the best way to discover Costa Rica’s biodiversity? Book a flight and come check it out. Once  you have your favorite location, we can look at some Costa Rica real estate in that particular area so you can enjoy nature, climate and biodiversity only minutes away from your property, or right on it. It really depends on what you choose.

Reason 2: Its people, the Ticos.

May be you have heard the term Ticos. That is what Costa Rican’s are called. Costa Rican’s used the ending tico at the end of some words to denote a diminutive or a tender treatment. For example, chiquito means small, but chiquitico means smaller. Poquito means a little bit, but poquitico means a even less. Ok, I think you get it. That is where the term Ticos come from.

Ticos are loving, warm and welcoming. Ticos are proud of their country and they like to brag about it, I mean, we do have many reasons to do it. Costa Rican’s understand how important tourism is for our economy. We feel proud to show people all the beauty and nature that we have. We want you to feel welcome because we believe that will make you come back to visit, and who knows, maybe stay.

Costa Ricans like to feel that we have friends in other parts of the world. Therefore, we are going to treat you in a friendly matter to be able to say we have and “amigo” in (type your country name here) ____________. You know what? Why don’t you listen to this song called “Soy Tico” (I am Tico), even if you do not understand the words, the emotion of the singers and the heart they put to it will give you goose bumps…

Writing this post and thinking about Costa Rica, makes me remember how much I love this piece of paradise, my paradise. So, book a flight. Come to Costa Rica and let’s me be the first tico you meet, and let’s go find your Tico neighbors as we look for your Costa Rica real estate investment.

Reason 3: The Pura Vida Lifestyle

“Hey, how are you?” “Pura Vida.” “Is everything ok?” “Yeah sure, Pura Vida.” “Thank you” “Pura Vida”. Pura vida is like the Costa Rica’s trademark. It literally means Pure Life. We use it for everything, could replace pretty much anything.

Now, there is a whole lifestyle around the word Pura Vida. It implies a relaxed lifestyle. It let’s you know everything will be fine, you just need to go with the flow. Ticos do not rush, specially outside of the cities. So, for example, showing up late for an appointment, let’s say 5-10 minutes, is ok. Almost nobody will get mad. You could be delayed by traffic, or whatever. And just a simple phone call letting them know you are late will be acceptable. Most likely, if you show up on time or a few minutes before, your host will make you wait anyways, and a few minutes it is still ok.

Pura vida implies taking it easy. Try no to get stressed. Things will get done. If it needs to be done, it will be. Meanwhile, enjoy the process.

Ok, I think you have an idea by now. I lived in the US for four years and I know who tight schedules are and how busy life can be. So, the Costa Rican Pura Vida Lifestyle could be something interesting for you guys. Best of all, most expats love it, and that is one reason they come and stay.

Trust me, you will fall in love with the Pura Vida ambiance and way of doing things. Could be a little exasperating at the beginning, but you will learn to love it. Specially, if you throw some nice sunsets and your favorite drink in the mix.

Let’s do something. Book a flight to come over anytime within the next three months. Once you have your flight, email us, reach us on social media, text us or call us and let’s go see some awesome Costa Rica real estate to invest in, where ever: mountain, city, beach, you choose. While we tour some Costa Rican properties, we will show you what the pura vida lifestyle is all about.

Pura vida guys, see you around…

So, I have given you three reasons why you should invest in Costa Rica real estate. I promise, you will love it. Stay tuned and come back around to our channels, pretty soon I will give you some more reasons why Costa Rica is an amazing destination to invest in. You have homework to do, book a flight today and let’s work on your Costa Rica tour. See you guys in paradise.

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