San Jose, At the Heart of the Central Valley

Abril 4 de 2021

San Jose is one of the provinces of Costa Rica. Also, it serves as the name for the capital city of the country. Most of the province of San José is located at the center of the country; Dota, Tarrazu and Perez Zeledon and a few others being the exception. Important cities like Escazu, Santa Ana, Rohrmoser, Curridabat, Zapote, Tibás and Coronado are a part of it.

San Jose is the most developed city in the country. In recent years it is a lot more common to see condo towers and office towers along the Sabana and Paseo Colon areas. All the goverment institutions have their head offices in this town. It is also a busy commercial spot for people of all social classes.

There are interesting attractions in San José like the National Stadium, Sabana Park, the National Theather. Also the Jade Museum, and the Gold Musem, and the National Museum. San Jose has many shopping centers and malls like Multiplaza Escazu, Multiplaza Curridabat, Lincoln Plaza, Momentum Pinareas, Momentum Lindora, and more. San Jose is the most populated province of Costa Rica, and many people commute to downtown every day whether it is for shopping work or recreation. It also serves as the stage for concerts from important bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, or sports events like the X-knights.

Soccer is the biggest sport in Costa Rica, and San Jose hosts the greatest and most winning team of the Country, Deportivo Saprissa. Their stadium is the famous Ricardo Saprissa, known as La Cueva. Actually, Landon Donavan, and ex USNMT player, who used to play in Europe says something interesting about this stadium. Check it out what he said:

What else can I do in San José?

Well, there is good dinning. You have to go check Barrio Escalante. This is an old neighbourhood, just outside of downtonw. It was converted into a fine dinning area. There you have few blocks of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, everyone featuring a different ambiance, so there is something for everyone. You will find good dinning in Escazu and Santa Ana as well.

Another place you need to check out is Mercado Central. This is a market that covers a full block, where you will find everything from cloths, to vegetables, to ice cream, coffee, small sodas (restaurants), you name it, you will find it there. It is an old place, but very famous. A good place to find souvenirs.

Real estate is also very desirable in the San José province. Depending on the area of the province, you can choose either for the city lifestyle or a country side. If you want to experience the typical Costa Rican city towns you could easily live in some areas of Tibás, Moravia, Calle Blancos, Santa Ana, Sabana and San Pedro. If you are looking for something more fancy, you will choose Granadilla, Curridabat, Escazu and Santa Ana. But, if you are more interested in the country side but near the city you can go for Aserri or Coronado. By the way, get in touch and we can help you find your next property for sale in San Jose.

Before you go…

Check out this vide about San Jose, it will make you want to come. And remember, contact us to go see some Costa Rica real estate for sale in San José.

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