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Abril 4 de 2021

Our Origins

Back in 2007, Daniel went through one of those difficult working times. He had no job, was away from home and wandering which career path to take. A friend who worked with him at the Four Seasons Resort told him Coldwell Banker, was hiring an office assistant for the master franchise in San Jose. He had never heard of the brand, but decided to send his resume adn ventured in Costa Rica real estate for sale. After 2 or 3 interviews he was offered the job and he took it. About 6 months later, the franchise manager left and Daniel was given the opportunity to take over.

Daniel did not only felt in love with Coldwell Banker, he felt in love with real estate dealings and the US way of doing the business. In 2012, he decided to pursue a different career path, but the truth is real estate never left his mind. Even today he still says “I can like what I do, and that is fine. However, doing real estate business is doing what I like and that is even better.”

And then, 2020 came by…

real estate in costa rica
Contact us and we will let you know what the Toucan has to do with all of this.

Finally in 2020 Daniel decided to give it a shot. He prayed a lot and asked for guidance. He started trying to do something alone, but then he realized that is what most real estate agents are doing in Costa Rica. He wanted to do the same. Also, he wanted to have a way to help people meet their need, whether that is buying, selling, renting or may be down the road even finding a way to make money working for a real estate firm.

One Sunday night, sitting at home, he started playing with for letters: D, L, E, F (which finally he changed for A), to come up with a business name put leave on it the a letter of the name of each one of his family members. And then, voilá! DEAL came up, after all we are in the business of making real estate deals.

What Deal Real Estate is all about!

As we said before, there are tons of real estate agents in Costa Rica. The Costa Rican way of doing real estate is way different to the US way. For example, in Costa Rica, a client will be working with 2 to 3 agents on a single search. In most cases they do not understand the value of working with just one, and letting that agent represent your interests. Here at DEAL, we know we are not going to change the mentality of the whole country, but we want to change your mentality on that, and let you know that if you want to work with us only, we will work with every other agent to make sure we find exactly what you are looking for. We want to become your real estate advisors.

Currently, we are focusing on properties in San José and Heredia. However, we are also starting to work in Guanacaste and hope to open that market sometime in 2021.

Our Mission

Deal Real Estate’s mission is to provide a prime real estate experience for property owners, buyers and renters in the Costa Rican market.

Our Vision

When you think about Costa Rica Real Estate, you think of DEAL.

Corporate Values

We strive to work with the highest possible ethical standards. We want to reflect that through these corporate values on every dealing with our clients and business partners:

Share – Always share our listing information with every other real estate agent we know and trust; “half of something is better than full of nothing.”

Perseverance – Work as hard as we can for our clients and for our company; never give up.

Discipline – Establish a work strategy and stick to it; follow models.

Integrity – Be transparent with all of our clients and business partners all the time.

Trust – Win your trust through excellent service and dedication

So, contact us and we will work with you in your search for Costa Rica real estate for sale.

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