Costa Rica, a Post COVID-19 Destination.

Abril 2 de 2021

Who doesn't want to travel to Costa Rica? This Central American country is one of the preferred destinations for many tourist around the world. Its pristine white sand beaches in both the Caribean and the Pacific coasts (yes, you can actually swim in the Pacific without freezing) its active volcanoes, sloths, monkeys, lush rainforests, dry forests and more monkeys, all of them become a must see when when in Costa Rica.

Tourism in Costa Rica is a flourishing business, boutique hotels, big chain hotels like Four Seasons Costa Rica, AndaZ Costa Rica and JW Marriott, bed and breakfast, restaurants, souvenir shops and little sodas (small local restaurants) are all over to delight tourists visiting the country. But, as in any other place in 2020, Coronavirus came to greatly hurt the tourism industry in Costa Rica. As of today, restaurants and hotels are closed all over the country, even the beaches are closed to the public.
However, there is hope. According to La Republica's website, international news and traveling sites such as Condé Nast Traveler, BBC World, ABC and El País from Spain, Costa Rica is one of the top destinations to visit once borders are open and the world start to shift back to normal.

There are many factors which favor Costa Rica as a post Coronavirus destination, mainly a strong public health system, small boutique hotels which our ideal for social distancing, and the sanitary procedures implemented nationwide. So,.if you are planning a post quarantine getaway, put Costa Rica as number one in your bucket list.

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