Central Valley, A Spot for Development and Growth

Abril 4 de 2021
Central Valley Costa Rica

The Central Valley is the most populated and most developed area of Costa Rica. It is located near the center of the country. It is surrounded by mountains and volcanoes. The Central Valley is made up of the provinces of Heredia and Cartago. Also, most of the province of Alajuela and most of the province of San Jose. Because of its strategic location and the population size, real estate in the Central Valley is always an amazing investment.

There is a nice combination in between urban and rural areas within it. Despite the fact that it is not a very large area.

Some of the main cities in the central Valley are San José, Escazú, Santa Ana, Heredia, Alajuela, and San Ramón.

How is the climate on the Central Valley?

The Central Valley does not have a standard weather, it varies depending on where you are. For example, near San Ramón, Poás, Coronado, and parts of Heredia, weather is cooler because they are closer to the mountains. On the other hand, Alajuela, Escazu and Santa Ana, it is warmer.

In other areas like San Jose weather is warmer during the day (25-29 degrees Celsius) and cooler at night.

What is there to do in the Central Valley?

There are many things to do in the Central Valley. The largest shopping malls of the country like Multiplaza, Lincoln Plaza and Oxígeno are in the provinces of San Jose and Heredia. Most of the larger concerts that come to the country will be held in places like the National Stadium, Ricardo Saprissa Stadium or Parque Viva.

However, if you are looking for more out in the open activities, there is plenty to do as well. Famous volcanos like Irazu and Poas are located within the Central Valley. Braulio Carrillo National Park is located in the Heredia Province. Other famous natural attractions in the are Volcan Barva, the windmills in Santa Ana, Bosque Prusia, Cachi and Orosi Valley.

In San José, you will find museums, theaters, parks and other places to have memorable experiences.

What about jobs in the area?

Being the most populated area, most companies have decided to establish there operations in the central Valley. Companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Citi Bank, IBM, Accenture, VMWare, P&G, Western Union, among many others have offices in different areas of Alajuela, Heredia, San Jose and Cartago.

Costa Rica is characterized by human talent and high education levels. So businesses have sought to move to Costa Rica as it provides a very good value trade for labor and experience.

This area has a lot of potential for commercial real estate and buildings that offer office space.

And, what about real estate in the Central Valley?

Real Estate activity is always moving in the Central Valley. If you are looking for cheaper property with larger lots you can move to San Ramon, Palmares, Grecia and most parts of Cartago. In these areas, land is cheaper than it will be in San Jose.

The Heredia mountains, Escazu and Santa Ana areas, for example, are famous for more expensive residential real estate, it will be easy to find million dollar homes and up in these towns.

In San Jose you will find older houses, as this is one of the oldest towns. However, in recent years the building of condo towers is more prominent. For example, this type of construction is prominent in Escazu, Sabana, and Paseo Colon.

Also, there are a lot of commercial real estate opportunities as more of the business of the country happens around the Central Valley.

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