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Abril 4 de 2021

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Costa Rica? Beaches on the Pacific or the Caribbean, of course; monkeys, lots of monkeys. There are also volcanoes, rain forest, zip linning, hanging bridges. As well as, colorful birds, colorful frogs, snakes. And don´t forget, we have 6% of the world´s biodiversity. The list could go on. Yes, Costa Rica has all of that an more. That is why many people looking forward to investing in real estate for sale in Costa Rica. Whether you are looking to relocated, a vacation home, a rental investment, coming for business, or whatever you motivation is, Costa Rica has all that is needed to make you want to stay.

Real estate for sale in Costa Rica
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Costa Rica is a country located in Central America. It is small, only 51,000 km2. However, it is very reach in natural resources and lots of renewable energy sources. Costa Rica has only two weather seasons; rainy season, which goes from mid-May to mid-November – usually the low season for tourism. And dry season, which goes from mid-November to mid-May. Costa Rica´s official language is Spanish. However, English is widely spoken throughout the nation, specially in the Central Valley, where most of the population is located. English is also widely spoken in the coastal areas, known as famous touristic destinations.

Costa Rica borders with Nicaragua to the North, Panama on the South, the Caribbean Ocean on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west. The Pacific coast is the longest comprising the provinces of Guancaste and Puntarenas.

Want to know more about Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is divided in 7 provinces: San Jose, the capital city; Alajuela, Cartago, Heredia, Guanacaste, Puntarenas and Limón; Coco´s Island is also part of Costa Rica, but it is not considered a province. You also need to be familiar with regional terms such as: Central Valley, which comprises most of the provinces of San Jose, Heredia, Alajuela and Cartago. Zona Zur, which comprises part of San José and the southern most part of Puntarenas. Pacifico Norte, which is mostly the Guanacaste Province. Zona Norte, which is the northern border with Nicaragua. Caribe, which is the coastal area of the province of Limon.

beaches in costa rica

The main international airports are Juan Santamaria (SJO), which is actually in Alajuela, and Daniel Oduber (LIR) in Guanacaste. Costa Rica is a very good place for international companies to find qualified talent known for a high english language proficency, excelent customer service and high level of professional education. It is no surprise then, that companies such as: IBMWester UnionP&GAmazonConcentrixVMWareMicrosoftCitibankSoftwared OneOracle, and Emerson among others have established larged operations in Costa Rica.

We think by now, you might be already looking at flights to come and check out this piece of paradise. So, we better stop writting. How about you contact us to take you around and see some Costa Rica real estate for sale?


Costa Rica, you will love it.


About Deal Real Estate

Our founder, Daniel Rodríguez, had his first real estate experience back in 2007. He had not job. A friend told him Coldwell Banker was hiring an office assistant to work in San Jose. He came in and a few months later, the Executive Manager for the franchise left and he had the opportunity to take on the job. Daniel felt in love with Coldwell Banker and the US way of running a real estate service and dealing with the clients. In 2012 he took on a different career path, but that real estate bug was always present.

In February 2020 he started contacting a few property owners. He started offering his services wanting to work as an independent agent. However, this is what a lot of people are doing in Costa Rica. He wanted to do something different. On a Sunday night he was sitting at home, thinking about a good name for a real estate brand. He started playing with the letters of the names of his family members and VOILA! The name DEAL came up. Isn´t that what real estate is about too: making the perfect deal for buyers, seller and renters?

Our Goals

Daniel wants to make Deal Real Estate a lifelong project so he started working towards that goal. He wants to make a difference in Costa Rica. Deal Real Estate wants to provide US quality real estate service to its clients. Also, we want touse technology advances to improve properties marketing and service. All of this, to reach a goal: “When you think about real estate for sale in Costa Rica, you think about DEAL.”

Our company values, and the ones we want to reflect on every dealing with you are: Share, Perseverance, DiscipLine, Integrity and Trust (SPLIT); you can read more about this on the about us section. Once again, thank you for visiting DEAL Real Estate. We hope to make this a long lasting relationship. Finally, remember “When you think about real estate for sale in Costa Rica, think about DEAL.”

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