A Sneak Peek About Costa Rica

Abril 4 de 2021

Republic of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a famous tourism destination. It is located in Central America. Costa Rica limits with Nicaragua to the North and Panama to the South. It also has coast along two oceans: Pacif to the West and the Caribbean to the East; you can actually go from the Pacific Coast to the Caribbean Coast in as little as 5 hours.

Costa Rica beaches
Photo by Atanas Malamov on Unsplash

Costa Rica has a little over 5 million people in total. The total land extension is around 51,000 kms2. You would not believe you could find so much in such a little piece of paradise. The official language is Spanish. However, English is well spoken all throughout the nation, specially in the tourist areas. There are at least 7 indigenous languages, spoken by each one of the indigenous tribes, which are still living in the Costa Rican territory.

Costa Rica´s Executive Power is made up of one President, two Vice-Presidents and a board of Ministers. The presidential term is four years. One single person can only be reelected once, but not in consecutive terms. The Legislative Power is made up of 57 congresman, elected by popular election. The other power is the Judicial Power, in charge of applying all the laws and decrees nationwide.

The country is divided in 7 provinces: San José, Alajuela, Cartago, Heredia, Guanacaste, Puntarenas and Limón. These provinces are made of of Cantones, 82 in total.

Costa Rica´s Biodiversity

Costa Rica is famous for its wild life and biodiveristy. It is amazing to have so many different species in such a small piece of land. When you come by, you are going to see monkeys (yes, lots of monkeys everywhere), sloths, colorful birds, colorful frogs, crocodiles. Also, if you are into snakes you will be delighted here; colorful and beautiful ones, both poisonous and not poisonous.

Active volcano in Costa Rica
Poas Volcano ~ Photo by Alex Ip on Unsplash

You will also find all types of beaches in Costa Rica. If you are into black sand beaches you can find beautiful ones like Ocotal. If you are more into white sand beaches you could have some of that as well, for example Playa Blanca or Playa Samara. Surfing beaches? We got it, Jaco, Herradura, Tamarindo, Grande, Langosta, Avellanas, enough where to pick from. What about whale watching? You bit you can do that in Costa Rica as well. Want to see turtles laying eggs? Ostional or Camaronal will be your destination. Finally, the Caribbean has its gems as well: Manzanillo, Puerto Viejo, Cahuita, you have to come check them out!

What about volcanoes?

Oh, yes, it is not only beaches. Do you love volcanoes? There is a total of 9 active volcanoes in Costa Rica: Orosi, Rincón de la Vieja, Miravalles, Tenorio, Arenal, Poás, Turrialba, Barva and Irazú. There are waterfalls near to them, trails and hot springs for your entertainment. In some of them you can even walk up to the crater edge up on top and look down into the active creater; one of the best experiences you will ever enjoy.

Also, Costa Rica is well known for other types of landscape. It has dry forest; there is actually an area in Guanacaste where the climate and land is similar to the African Savannah, there are even african animals comfortably leaving in a famous park in the area. It also has rain forests like Monteverde.

Get in touch and we will make some good recommendations for you to stay in Costa Rica, and while you are here we can go see some properties for sale. We are sure you will want to invest here. In the meantime, check out this video to better understand what Costa Rica is all about!

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